Parata dei Turchi

History, culture, tradition, folklore, faith, myth, legend. On May XXIX Potenza celebrates its history and the Patron Saint in a unique popular festival.

The Great History of
Parata dei Turchi

Figures, characters, sections take part in a compelling story.
Three epochs that trace a path of almost a thousand years.
A story that mixes with tradition, faith with myth and legend.
Origins still hidden in the mystery, many stories that intertwine over the centuries.
A great popular festival, unique in its kind.


Potenza Folk Festival 2024

Potenza, 26, 27 and 28th May - Mario Pagano Square

  • May 26th: Gli Amarimai / Terraross
  • May 27th: Accipiter / Bandakadabra / Meridional Freedom Flight
  • May 28th: Ex-Otago


Editions since 1578


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