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Interested in taking part to this unique experience?

According to current rules, the participation in the Parade is free and open to anyone. Participation is free of charge and does not provide any compensation. Every year the Municipality of Potenza, organizer of the Parade, provide an application for those interested to join the Parade. Applications must be usually sent between March and April. You can participate in a single unit, as a figure, or in a group, for example as an association of people.

For the application to join next edition (Parade 2024) you have to wait the new directives expected for March 2024. There is a minimum and a maximum number of figures for each role and for each framework. The submission of the application does not provide any right or certainty of automatic participation in the Parade. This is due to several reasons, first of all the high number of applications that are received and the type and variety of requests that must be carefully evaluated to fit roles and clothes.

For those who want to join the Parade as character there is an Official Regulation that must be respected, see here (Italian only).

In the days preceding the Parade, the clothes attributed to each figure are delivered, the same must be returned according the instructions in the days following the celebrations.

The attribution to individuals or groups of the figures and costumes is reserved exclusively to Organizers, in any case responding to the physical characteristics of people (sizes, measures, etc.), and to the specifications that regulate the Parade.

A resume of the Disciplinary (White Book of Parade) can be found here (Italian only).